About us

Who we are

We are committed to work with these children and provide them ample support using the latest technology and various updated educational inputs. We hope to make a difference, and bring them into mainstream, though in a small way, in the child’s life


Sinchana Foundation was established in July 2014, with an aim of rehabilitating and improving the quality of life for children or adults with special needs. These needs stem from mental disabilities or physical challenges, due to conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, Mental Retardation, Down’s syndrome etc. These conditions result in impaired learning and poorly developed cognitive faculties in the person.

Using Technological interventions and innovative teaching methods, we help such disadvantaged individuals overcome their challenges to a very good extent. These methods have been tried and tested after several years of research, in countries around the world, and have proved to be effective. As a foundation that is spearheading such transformation, we stay update with new developments in this area and adapt them to the Indian context.

Our centre is located in Malleswaram, Bangalore and caters to a sizeable number of children from diverse backgrounds. Certified and trained professionals are hired to work with us. They are selected based on their commitment or passion towards this cause and their ability to connect with children having special needs. Our support staff is also trained to recognize day-to-day challenges faced by such children and respond empathetically. Finally, we do not work with the child alone but also involve their family members, friends and caretakers in order to achieve a holistic and all-round change.


Individuals with special needs are quite gifted most of the time, but lack the opportunities or a platform to develop their innate potential. Sinchana Foundation was founded precisely to address this need.

In line with this vision, we have a school curriculum (10.30 am to 1.30 pm) based on the Montessori methodology. The teaching methods here will be tailored for such children, who would normally not be allowed in mainstream schools. We would be one of the very few such institutes in Bangalore.


Akhila S R

I have been trained in special education (Diploma in Autism Spectrum Disorder) from Spastics Society of Karnataka. I have a work experience of about 9 years in the same field.

Charitha Kudige

I have been trained in special education (Diploma in Autism Spectrum Disorder) from Karnataka Parents Association of Mental Retarded Children (KPAMRC). I have a work experience of about 8 years in the same field.

Jaya N

I have a work experience of 5 years in the same field.